about me 

Height: 5ft  |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Light Brown

I am an actress and writer focused on promoting and creating new work and celebrating women through my art.


Night of the Living Poutine                          Gina                     Performance Anxiety Inc.

Leave No Trace                                             Hiker 2                  Performance Anxiety Inc.

Mabel's Live Radio                                       Multiple Roles      Speck of Dust


24:00:00 Xtreme Theatre Smackdown        Dora                      Theatre Unbound

The Live Radio Collection: Episode II        Molly, Machine     Speck of Dust

Improv! In the Venue                                   Performer              Speck of Dust & Backwards Thinkers

Improv! In the Venue                                   Performer              Speck of Dust

God of Carnage                                           Veronica                Coe College Senior Seminar

Much Ado About Nothing                          Beatrice                 Coe College Mainstage

A Real Super Time                                       Poe                         Speck of Dust

The Live Radio Collection: Episode I         Multiple Roles       Speck of Dust

Playmaking Showcase                                 Freda, Gloria          Astoria Performing Arts Center

Thieves and Bad, Bad Lies                          Wendelyn               Speck of Dust

Leader of the Pack                                       Rosie/Ensemble    Coe College Mainstage

Sylvia                                                             Sylvia                      Coe College/Emily Wilke

Whose Life Is It Anyway                               Dr. Jacobs              Coe College Mainstage

Electric Sun                                                   Mel                         Minnesota Fringe Festival

A Midsummer Night’s Dream                     Nick Bottom          Coe College Mainstage

Pride and Prejudice                                     Mrs. Bennet           Coe College Mainstage

Tartuffe                                                         Elmire                     Coe College Mainstage

 Training & Workshops 

Coe College  |   B.A. in Theatre Arts |   May 2018

Sarah Broude  |   Acting Training |   2020


Dah Teatar   |   Physical Presence |   Dijana Milosevic

Dah Teatar |   ALL MY VOICES |   Maja Mitic

 Special Skills 

NETA Certified Group Exercise Instructor • Basic Life Support (CPR/AED) Certified • Yoga • Received Pronunciation • Soprano •  Storytelling • Valid Driver's Licence 

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